Welcome to our NOURISH family!

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Hi, I’m Steph,

I am a mom, a holistic chef, I love to share the gifts of Ayurveda, but mostly, I am just like you! I am a busy person, juggling many things, loving many people and doing the best I can to take care of myself.

I want to support you in healing your body, your mind, your family. Eating healthy delicious food is a great place to start, and I have so much more to share with you to live in radiance. Let’s shine from within, with ease.

Want to know how I got here? Let me tell you, read about my journey here.

Let’s get started!

Wednesday family dinners are back for the school year!

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At Go With Steph, we cook delicious, mostly organic NOURISHing real food. We inspire you to sit down and enjoy your family, move your body each day, connect with your kiddos and love your honey.  We live in a crazy busy world, sometimes it's not so easy. Stay connected, pause, be sweet to yourself, keep it all going, and love it all.

Balance is possible! 

It looks different on every person, discover what it means for you.

Let's journey together!

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I have really been on the run this week, even more than usual :-( I just wanted to tell you how much having your healthy food has helped me. It is all SO great, I love the great cooked veggies, salad stuff, salad dressing, soup, juice, chicken, all of it is wonderful.
— Ann C.
It was absolutely delicious! My entire family loved it and I could have a nice meal while driving to two practices!
You should be so proud of yourself! What a fabulous product you’ve created that gives so much happiness to those who receive it.
— Beth W.
I am so excited about this service you have created. Nourishing to my family in our time of need. I am so thankful to receive your bag of NOURISH food this week!
— DB
I just had to send you a note letting you know how delicious dinner was last night. My girls could not stop saying how delicious it was and I haven’t seen them clean their plates like that in a long time. They were going back for thirds, but decided they wanted to save the rest for lunch today!!
Thank you for providing this awesome service. Yesterday was a busy work day ending with lots of kids running around to yoga and soccer practice and not home until 7. I have no idea what we would have done for dinner, but having that meal made all the difference between a stress full or stress free evening. It was perfect.

Thank you again!!
— Kristin S.