New this summer- Healthy Monday Jump Start!

Mondays- June 4th through July 16th

Our summer healthy food delivery is all about having delicious healthy food in your kitchen during the busy summer days. Each week, we will create a delicious bag of NOURISH food.  Enjoy it any way you like.  It's easy to enjoy for dinner Monday evening with your family, or simply have good food ready to eat in your fridge.  If you are one person, enjoy this menu plan to eat for 2 1/2 days, all your healthy food is ready . . . a mini 4Day radiance experience.

Here's how it works:

  1. Please order by noon the Saturday before, via email.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with delivery instructions and payment info.
  3. See below for all the organic goodies included in your bag.
  4. Monday early morning delivery will be between 6-7 AM.
  5. Shake, heat, stir, plate and enjoy. All food is ready to eat.
  6. Feed you and/or your people delicious healthy food, it's like we did the Sunday healthy food prep for you! 

organic cooked veggies/ organic chicken breasts and another meat of my choice/ fresh greens for salad/ healthy clean carbs/ prepared salad/ your favorite amazing dressings/ 3 jars green juice/ 1 quart of soup

More details: All food is organic for clean summer time eating.  The menu will vary each week due to our local market, you'll have to trust me that it's gonna be good;)  I will use organic chicken, with a different juicy marinade each week. And then select another protein to mix it up.  You get half and half. (2 chicken breasts and 2 turkey burgers for example) One NOURISH bag feeds about 4 people for dinner or will feed one person for about 2 1/2 days.

Want Vegetarian? We'll simple leave out the meat. Is the menu gluten and dairy free?  Yes, gluten free!  We may include good quality cheese, and it will be on the side. Need to feed more people? Add on to your bag. Want dessert? We'll make a delicious dessert each week to add on. It's real dessert made with real organic butter, organic dairy and real organic sugar (ask me what we're making this week). Why is green juice and soup included automatically?  Green juice and soup are amazing for summer time digestion. It's an easy way to get in 'easy to digest' nutrition. You might not be in the mood for soup, but your body will love the lighter meal. Just try it! It's the RADIANCE way!

  • Pricing: NOURISH organic bag of real food- $84
  • Add on in groups of 2 people- $40
  • Vegetarian- No Meat- $70
  • Add on dessert- $2 per person (minimum of 4)- substitute dessert for soup- even exchange-
  • Email me with your order, confirm your address, and any add-ons. See you Monday!
  • Join my email list below so you don't miss what's coming up!

Welcome, I'm glad you are here.




4 Day Radiance ReSet- Food for living!

basket carrots.jpeg

4Day Radiance ReSet is a healthy clean eating challenge.  When you reset your digestion with clean healthy food, even in 4Days, you'll have more energy, sleep better, lose the fog and the bloat.  The program is designed to eat clean MOST of the time so you don't feel stressed about being perfect ALL the time! After a busy weekend, you are ready to get back to the program Monday. 

Nourish Wednesday Family Dinners


Nourish Wednesday Family Dinners- delicious food delivered to your home on Wednesdays.  I create a menu for each week of the month, you pick which menus work for your family according to your calendar.  Arrive home from a busy day and dinner is ready!  Plus Healthy add ons, Nourishing Soup and Green juice.  Family dinners are great as a gift, send dinner to your friends, or send a Gift Certificate.


I have really been on the run this week, even more than usual :-( I just wanted to tell you how much having your healthy food has helped me. It is all SO great, I love the great cooked veggies, salad stuff, salad dressing, soup, juice, chicken, all of it is wonderful.
— Ann C.
It was absolutely delicious! My entire family loved it and I could have a nice meal while driving to two practices!
You should be so proud of yourself! What a fabulous product you’ve created that gives so much happiness to those who receive it.
— Beth W.
I am so excited about this service you have created. Nourishing to my family in our time of need. I am so thankful to receive your bag of NOURISH food this week!
— DB
I just had to send you a note letting you know how delicious dinner was last night. My girls could not stop saying how delicious it was and I haven’t seen them clean their plates like that in a long time. They were going back for thirds, but decided they wanted to save the rest for lunch today!!
Thank you for providing this awesome service. Yesterday was a busy work day ending with lots of kids running around to yoga and soccer practice and not home until 7. I have no idea what we would have done for dinner, but having that meal made all the difference between a stress full or stress free evening. It was perfect.

Thank you again!!
— Kristin S.