Decadence in every bite

scotch a roos.jpg

In a healthy world where we have outlawed sugar, It’s absolutely ok to have a special treat, especially a home made one. Made with love and shared by many. These bad boys are so easy to make. Savor every bite, pure decadence!

Old fashioned scotch a roos

1 cup organic peanut butter (smooth or chunky, you could also use almond butter)

1 cup organic white sugar

1 cup karo syrup (I have not found a healthy alternative:)

Stir and melt together in a pot on the stove top over medium low heat.

Pour mixture over 4 cups rice krispies and stir carefully to coat. Transfer rice krispie mix to a 9 X 11 sheet pan, and smooth out.

Meanwhile, in a double boiler melt:

2 cups chocolate chips (semi sweet or dark will work too)

2 cups butterscotch chips

double boiler ~ fill a pot about 1/2 way with water, place a metal bowl on top and heat water to a simmer, do not allow to boil. To metal bowl, add chocolate chips and butter scotch chips to melt slowly, stir occasionally.

Pour melted chocolate/butterscotch mixture over peanut butter rice krispie mix, smooth over all.

Allow to cool, topping will firm in about 20 minutes. Cut into small squares, enjoy!

photo credit ~ Nicki Griffith photography