Truly watermelon season!


Summer begins and you’re in the mood for watermelon, but the true watermelon harvest is late in the summer, after several months of consistent hot days. You see watermelon is a super food for dissipating heat in your body.  According to Ayurveda, watermelon is best eaten alone, all melon in fact. Better to eat alone and not confuse your belly with other foods mixed in. Melons have beautiful sweet qualities and high water content to balance your digestive fire and move heat out of your system.   

I do have an amazing juice recipe however, that is ok to break the rules.  We call it Hydration Heaven. Cut about 3 cups of watermelon, peel 1 cucumber, and gather up a small handful of fresh mint.  Juice it all up and enjoy super hydration and heat elimination!  Combination can be blended together also if you would rather go that route. For best results, drink on an empty stomach and wait about 20 minutes before consuming other foods.  

Why is it important to dissipate summer heat? As we transition from one season to the next, we move from the fire of summer to the winds of fall. When wind blows on fire, it gets bigger and hotter and dries your internal body out like a desert. Your body then responds with, you know it . . . mucus!  Those fall colds and sniffles we get from going back to school, and the change of seasons, are often from being around a whole new group of kids and new environments. But if you have cleared out the summer heat and are hydrating with healthy foods and drinks, you are less likely to pick up the bugs.  Magic!  So eat your watermelon.  Cut into chunks and keep in a bowl so it’s easy for your whole family to grab some. It’s the perfect snack, hydration and heat remover all in one!

Back to school, what's the most important?


It’s August, it's a brand new day, good morning sunshine! The road back to school always feels like a new year to me. I love summer, I never want it to end.

This school year it’s all new for us again!  My daughter is beginning her second year of college, my oldest son, his senior year in high school, and my youngest son, his very first year of high school. So while I am excited for all things new, I want to hang on to summer just a little longer.  I want us to talk at the dinner table long after everyone is finished eating, go to the pool a few more times, enjoy the early rising sun, wake slowly and not be in a rush.

I was starting to feel overwhelmed. I loaded my summer projects list, because when school starts it’s back to work. I want to have my space in tip top shape, efficiency city.  And to my house list I added goals for my business, expansion, getting more help, redo . . . well, everything.  I work well under pressure.  Get something done, give me a deadline.  Need three days to complete a project, bet I can get it done in 2 1/2. And when I am in project mode, everything else falls off the list.  Dishes pile up, tornadoes swirl through the laundry room, my purse gets filled with receipts, papers, permission slips, coupons, and those random flyers I found interesting. Everyone is always talking about being organized, getting things done, checking off your list, check, check, check.  We get it done and more, we go at an amazing pace.

How can you enjoy the end of summer? What is the best way to feel connected to your people as you send them off into the world? The dishes will get done, everyone will find something to wear, your house will come back together again and you’ll be able to get your nails done.

So today, let’s pause. Let's hold onto that hug until they let go first. Check in and stop what we're doing when our kids want to share about their day. Feel everything. Feel the sun on your face. Feel your breath through your nose. Feel your heart expand as you send a bit of yourself off with your little ones.

I cried when I dropped off my youngest at his first day of high school.  “Oh my gosh mom, don’t cry!” He couldn’t get out of the car fast enough.  The drum line was playing in the carpool lane, fuel for your school spirit, what a way to start the day.

Life is so cool. So exciting to see these kids, where they have been and where they are going, but mostly to just enjoy them now, each and every moment.