Monday Jump Start

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It's easy to eat healthy with NOURISH

delivered to your door


Our Monday Jump Start bag is like we did the Sunday prep for you! It's all about having delicious healthy food in your kitchen during your busy days. Each week, we will create a delicious bag of NOURISH food that works for dinner Monday evening with your family, or simply have good food ready to eat in your fridge.  If you want to have it all to yourself, it's enough food for about 2 1/2 days.

Here's how it works:
Please place your order on Sunday before 4PM, via email.
You will receive a confirmation email with delivery instructions and payment info. We'll deliver your Monday Jump Start bag in the evening between 4-5:30PM. Each container is labeled and you get a JUMP sheet with information and instructions about your healthy organic food.

What's in the bag?
organic cooked veggies/ organic chicken breasts and another meat of my choice (4 servings)/ fresh greens for salad/ healthy clean carbs/ prepared salad/ 8 oz. jar of your favorite amazing dressings/ 3 jars green juice/ 1 quart of soup

More details:

  • All food is organic for clean healthy non processed eating. 
  • The menu will vary each week due to our local market, you'll have to trust me that it's gonna be good;)  It's fun to be surprised!
  • I will use organic proteins, with a different juicy marinade each week. I try to mix it up and keep it interesting. 
  • Want Vegetarian? We'll simple leave out the meat and adjust the price.
  • Is the menu gluten and dairy free?  Yes, gluten free! 
  • We may include good quality cheese, and it will be on the side.
  • Need to feed more people? Add on to your bag.
  • Want dessert? We'll make a delicious dessert each week to add on. It's real dessert made with real organic butter, organic dairy and real organic sugar (ask me what we're making this week).
  • Why is green juice and soup included automatically?  Green juice and soup are amazing foods to heal your body. They are an easy way to get 'easy to digest' nutrients.
  • Sit down, enjoy your food that is ready for you, success is possible! Just try it! It's the RADIANCE way!

Pricing: NOURISH organic bag of real food- $84
Add on in groups of 2 people- $40
Vegetarian- No Meat- $70
Add on dessert- $2 per person (minimum of 4)
Email me with your order, confirm your address, and any add-ons. See you Monday!