Happy holiday season!

Wednesday family dinners will resume on February 6th

Online ordering will be available! More info to come!

Nourish Wednesday Family dinners give you a night off cooking and healthy food for your family!

Sit down, enjoy your people and eat delicious food that is ready to enjoy. Your Nourish Family dinner consists of mostly healthy food, and sometimes you must have homemade mashed potatoes! Your dinner includes a main course meat, cooked vegetable side, healthy clean carbohydrate, fresh salad with home made dressing and always home made dessert.  Everything is made from scratch and nothing out of a box, ever. It's healthy because your dinner is not only prepared with love, but made with whole real digestible ingredients.  Many times, more than 80% of the ingredients are organic . . . depending on availability and cost. Desserts are delicious and worth enjoying, made with real organic butter, organic sugar and cage free eggs. Each week we offer healthy soup and green juice to add on to your dinner.                                                                                                                       

Here's how it works:

  1. Send me an email nourish@gowithsteph.com with any questions and to confirm delivery area in Kansas City by the Monday before.

  2. Select which Wednesdays work best for you and your family.

  3. Let me know how many people (2 or 4 or more people) and if you would like to add-on yummy soup or energizing green juice.

  4. I'll send you an email confirmation with the total price, how to pay and delivery details.

  5. Your delicious NOURISH family dinner arrives ready to eat on Wednesday by 5:45PM. We drop, ring and run:)

  6. Simply heat the main dish (comes in a foil pan) in the oven for about 15 minutes.

  7. Side items can be heated in the microwave or transferred to an oven safe dish.

  8. Toss your salad and dessert is ready anytime!

  9. Sit down with your family, enjoy having dinner ready, take a deep breath and nourish your family.

  10. Nourish and Enjoy!

Make sure you have subscribed to my email list below for upcoming menus and amazing healing food opportunities.

Email me at Nourish@gowithsteph.com

I can’t even express how unbelievably, magically delicious this dinner was. Thank you for nourishing my family.
— BD
Steph, my parents LOVED dinner tonight and sent us pictures! Such a great gift for us to give them!
— KC
Dinner last week was absolutely delicious - my kids loved it and we could not have been happier.
— KP