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4Day Radiance reset, you will be surprised at how amazing you can feel!

4Day Radiance reset

4Day Radiance reset is the perfect way to slowly make healthy changes in how you eat and live your life by the week. Adding healthy foods each week, you won't be stressed during your busy weekend, and will look forward to getting back on the program Monday.

  • 4Day Radiance reset includes a lighter breakfast, lunch as your biggest meal, and soup for dinner, Monday through Thursday. In just 4Days you will feel lighter and have more energy.

  • Train your body to burn fat between meals and over night.

  • Many diets and fads require strict rules that are hard to follow and sustain, but you can do anything for 4Days!

  • It's easy to add healthy food during the week when you have a regular schedule. Especially when it is all prepared for you!

  • Your 4Day Radiance reset food is gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and loaded with highly nutritious organic foods.

  • You get lots of vegetables, organic meat and healthy clean carb with your lunch time meal, and amazing vegan sauces that bring out the beautiful flavors of eating real clean food, along with fresh herbs and spices. Vegetarian protein options available.

  • Eat well for 4Days with ease, then on the weekends, just relax, eat out, keep up with your family, don't worry about following lots of rules.

  • Your body and mind will naturally start to make healthier choices when you feed your body clean food during the week.

  • You'll feel amazing, have more energy, lose the bloat and feel lighter without the stress of dieting.

On select weeks, enjoy 4Day Radiance food prepared for you and delivered to your doorstep each morning Monday through Thursday between 6 - 7:30AM.

Delivery zone: Centered in Prairie Village, West to Metcalf, South to 119th, East to Wornall, North to the Plaza area.  Check with me if you are outside this area for delivery options.

Want IN? Email me to join our clean eating group and enjoy the luxury of having all your healthy food delivered to your doorstep.


You've got questions . . .

Q: I have a really busy life, kids, work, can I really do this and not go crazy? A: YES you can!  The 4Day Radiance menu includes real food, real breakfast, lunch as your biggest meal, and soup for dinner.  PLUS green drinks/juice for morning and afternoon.  The food is ready to eat and creates structure.  This alone helps you keep calm and have plenty of energy while eating clean food.

Q: Is this a cleanse? A: YES and NO. 4Day Radiance reset is a healthy food eating challenge.  You are cleansing/detoxing your daily diet by removing sugar, gluten, dairy, coffee and alcohol, and reducing your animal protein intake.  It's not a rigorous cleanse in which you are drinking only juice, or eating only kitchari (Ayurvedic cleanse).  I believe for your busy life you need real clean food, food that is nutrient dense and easy to digest. Yes, you are eating clean, but NO, you are not shocking or starving your body.

Q: Will I have enough energy to do my regular exercise/work outs? A: YES!  I have clients who teach and take fitness classes several times per day while doing the 4Day Radiance healthy eating and report PLENTY of energy!  Likely your workouts will be more efficient and you'll have quicker recovery because you are feeding your body clean fuel to burn (without the sugar;).

Q: Does the 4Day Radiance reset include meat? A: YES! Most people feel more grounded and less hungry with some animal protein.  I purposefully include chicken or salmon in the lunch time meal when your digestion is the strongest.  I always cook organic meat/fish and your serving at lunch is about 4-6 ounces.  This is probably much smaller than your normal animal protein serving per day, but reducing animal protein gives your digestion a little break.

Q: I normally don't eat carbs, why do you include rice and potatoes? A: Don't be scared of healthy clean carbs! I include clean carbs like organic brown rice/wild rice/basmati rice/ quinoa/sweet potatoes/yukon potatoes in your lunch time meal, and sometimes in your evening soup.  Clean carbs are good for your brain, help you concentrate, stay focused and  sleep better.  You need energy to get a good nights sleep. Your clean carb serving at lunch is about 3/4 cup and lends a nice base to your meal and to help you feel satisfied. There is always healthy fat served with your carbs as well, which helps the carbs convert slowly, giving your body energy and is less likely to be stored as fat. Enjoy it!

Q: What is healthy fat? A: Great question! We are scared of fat too.  Ghee/coconut oil/sesame oil/olive oil/grape seed oil/avocado/nuts/seeds-- all great sources of healthy fat. I always purchase organic cold pressed oils. Nuts and seeds are purchased not roasted and unsalted. But then I roast them in the oven to make nuts easier to digest.  Just so you know, unhealthy fat includes Vegetable oil (made with soy beans)/canola oil/oil blends/Crisco/heat processed oils.  These oils are highly processed and made with ingredients that are exposed to high levels of pesticides and toxicity. Real organic butter would be better than margarine or any processed oil.  Butter is a real food that is digestible by your body:)

Note from Steph:  There is so much focus on diet, rules, what to eat, what not to eat, calories in/calories out.  The 4Day Radiance reset is about eating clean healthy food and enjoying the process. Your food is planned and ready to eat, so you can focus on sitting down, tasting your meal, fueling your body.  You can carry on with the important things, like enjoying your family and being efficient in your work. Everyone loves the food, but they are surprised by how much they love the experience. You will not only enjoy delicious food, it will change how you think about it./